V4 of the Employee's Guide coming soon!

  • I am building the next version of The Employee’s Guide to Employee Led SPVs.

  • The previous and current versions (v3) have seen significant success (metrics). v4 will address the following issues:

    • Employees find it difficult to ask their CEO for allocation.

      • I will provide the employee with a detailed script to email to the CEO. The script asks if the employee can loop me into the conversation. I will then handle the conversation with the CEO.

    • Employees don't have the time and/or energy to create deal materials (deal outline, memo, etc.)

      • I will create these materials with the employee's help. I will also ask the CEO for the most recent fundraising deck.

    • Employees do not want to form syndicates or SPVs

      • I will form the SPV as the lead advisor with the employee as a carry recipient.

    • Employees can often buy shares from existing holders (secondary transactions, "secondaries", etc.)

      • I have designed a new process for secondaries. The process is like the current process with a few extra steps. I will help the employee

        • Confirm seller interest

        • Negotiate pricing with sellers

        • Get company approval for the transfer

    • Employees find the fundraising pitches to be a large time burden. The pitches are usually meetings, phone calls, Zooms, etc.

      • I have designed an asynchronous batch fundraising process. The employee will conduct 5-6 batch operations across most of their network. I estimate reducing the need for meetings/phone calls/Zooms/etc by at least 80%.

        • The employee sends an email with a blurb and qualification form to their network. Suitable investors get access to a detailed deal outline.

        • The investor reviews the deal outline and submits an Indicator of Interest (IOI) form. The IOI asks about decision making process, average check size, investing entity, etc.

        • The investor will receive access to the deal memo and deck after submitting an IOI. The investor can add comments to the memo. The employee and I will respond to comments in-line and merge updates to the memo.

        • The investor can submit a soft commit via a form in the deal memo.

        • Once the employee has secured $100k in soft commits, I will form the SPV

        • I will then send the SPV funding portal link to all the soft committed investors

        • After the employee's network has finished wiring funds, I will then share the deal to my network of LPs.


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