RUV Alliance!

A new community

I have created a community dedicated to investing in startups via Roll Up Vehicles

This community is buy-side driven. Accredited investors can join freely at

We are currently at >275 accredited investors and climbing. We started at 0 on 7/3/21. We have also closed at least 2 community generated deals. We have many more in the pipeline.

Our mission is to make founders as rich as possible as quickly as possible. We can provide founders with higher valuations, a proxy for our voting rights, and eventually we will be open to purchasing common shares (or SAFEs that convert to common) instead of preferred shares.

We’ll do this by giving investors access into the most sought after startups at the most competitive terms imaginable: no fees, no carry, and no commissions.

How our community works:

  1. In the Discord community, an investor can request an allocation in a startup

  2. Other investors can also add commits

  3. If there is interest from at least 3 investors and the aggregate commit amount is >$10k, then I or another moderator in the group will reach out to the startup's founder.

  4. If the founder agrees to accept capital from the alliance, then I or one of the other moderators will create an RUV to accept the capital and purchase equity, SAFEs, or convertible notes in the startup on a no fee, carry, or commission basis.